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October 4, 2012

Help Support New Zealand PNH Patients!

It has been over a year since the Canadian provinces agreed to provide access to Soliris for PNH patients. After an incredibly hard-fought and passionate campaign by our members, nearly all Canadians living with PNH are receiving treatment with this life-saving drug. However, in other constituencies around the world, action to ensure PNH patients are able to
benefit from this therapy has been slow.

In New Zealand, PNH patients are being denied access to innovative drugs like Soliris, putting lives at risk. To build awareness and support for New Zealanders living with PNH, an online petition has been created, with a goal of reaching 25,000 signatures. Your urgent help is needed to pressure the New Zealand government to provide immediate and lifelong access to Soliris for PNH patients who need it!

Please take a minute to sign the petition by clicking here and sending the link to your own network.

To see a letter from the President of the Canadian Association of PNH Patients to New Zealand’s Minister of Health, click here.