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Financial Support

The Canadian Association of PNH Patients strives to assist patients in accessing the best possible care and treatment to help them live well with the disease. The resources below are provided to help Canadian PNH patients secure access to treatment with Soliris.

OneSource Patient Support

If you are considering Soliris, or are already on treatment, we recommend connecting with OneSource™ at 1-888-765-4747. A OneSource nurse case manager will help you navigate insurance or funding issues for Soliris, and determine with your doctor whether or not you are eligible for Soliris through your private insurance plan or government insurance program.

Your OneSource nurse case manager will also answer any questions about Soliris infusions you may have, as well as provide ongoing support.

Provincial Drug Plans

Eligibility criteria for public funding for Soliris may vary from province to province. For information on your province’s drug program, click on the appropriate link below.

British Columbia:
Nova Scotia:
New Brunswick:
Prince Edward Island:
Newfoundland and Labrador:
Northwest Territories: